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Justice League United #9

Review by Paul Bowler

The Infinitus Saga reaches a crucial turning point in Justice League United #9 as the Legion of Super-Heroes join forces with the Justice League United against the oncoming might of Infinitus and the ferocious army of Wraiths attacking the Polaris System. Fighting alongside the Thangarian and Rannian fleets near the planet Thangar, the JLU and the Legion must hold the line while Supergirl tries to save Ultra from Byth inside rift in space. With time running out and Infinitus growing stronger by the moment, Martian Manhunter desperately tries to reach out to Ultra’s consciousness before Brainiac 5 detonates a bomb capable of removing Infinitus from space and time forever…

Justice League United #9 continues the exciting interstellar between the Justice League United and the Legion of Super-Heroes as the battle against Infinitus rages in orbit above Thanagar. Part five of the Infinitus Saga is one of the most action-packed instalments so far. Jeff Lemire ensures the pace never lets up for a moment, skilfully keeping this epic space adventure and its vast roll call of characters on track, whilst still managing to give everyone a brief moment in the spotlight. The JLU and Legion of Super-Heroes make a terrific fighting force, and Supergirl’s battle with Byth gets really intense as the shape-shifters finally reveals his true form.

Justice League United #9 (Cover)

The camaraderie between the Justice League United and the Legion of Super-Heroes is also pitched just right by Lemire. “As long as the Legion lives…” Oh boy, that moment as the Legion and JLU race into battle against impossible odds is a real fan boy moment for fans of the Legion of Super-Heroes, and this opening moment really sets the tone for the rest of the issue. Now that Infinitus is almost as powerful as he was in the 31st century, and with the Wraiths becoming more tangible, Sardath and Brainiac 5 begin work on a bomb that could destroy Infinitus. When Thangar is attacked, the JLU and Legion divide their forces to send assistance, while Mon-El and Martian Marnhunter formulate a plan to help Supergirl fight Byth and rescue the young Ultra.

The frenetic pace of this issue doesn’t let up for a second, however, there’s still time for a few fun moments, especially when Green Arrow tries to emulate Ultra Boy’s rallying battle cry, and the scene where Bounding Boy springs into action is great too.

Justice League United #9 looks amazing, the pencils by Neil Edwards are as strong as ever, and all the characters look superb. Edward’s must have had a blast drawing this issue, JLU #9 is jam packed with so many characters and exciting battle scenes, its almost mind boggling, together with Inkers Jay Leisten & Keith Champagne, and Colorist Jeromy Cox, this book continues to deliver on every level with its incredible visuals and engaging storyline. Supergirl’s fight with Byth was another highlight this issue, especially Byth’s grotesque true form, and the page where Martian Manhunter freed Hawkman from Byth’s brainwashing was also particularly effective.

Justice League United #9 reaches a shattering conclusion just as it looks like everything might be resolved, its edge of the seat stuff too, and sets the stage for a thrilling conclusion to The Infinitus Saga next issue. I’ve really enjoyed seeing the Justice League United and Legion of Super-Heroes teaming up like this during The Infinitus Saga, I love both teams, so I’m kinda sad there’s only one more issue to go, but I’m still keeping my fingers crossed the Legion will return one day in their own title again at some point. Justice League United #9 is another great issue, with its terrific story by Jeff Lemire and art by Neil Edwards; it’s a space epic not to be missed!