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The Walking Dead #120

Review by Paul Bowler

Negan arrives outside the gates of Alexandria to negotiate a treaty with Rick and the other communities. He also releases his prisoner, Holly, to show Rick he is being sincere. However, once Rick lets her inside Alexandria they are horrified to find that Holly has been turned into a Walker after she attacks Denise. Seizing the element of surprise, the Saviors being their attack, and start lobbing grenades over the walls…

Robert Kirkman hardly gives us a moment to recover from last issues flesh ripping cliff-hanger, before All Out War reaches a whole new level of explosive action in The Walking Dead #120 as the Saviors launch a devastating attack on Alexandria. Negan’s twisted ploy, turning Holly into a Zombie and using her against her friends like this, is truly horrifying. The Saviors attack is ruthlessly efficient, with Negan’s men using grenades to inflict terrible casualties on Rick’s people, destroying buildings, and sending everyone diving for cover. What’s more, even though Denise was bitten by Holly, she refuses to let Rick amputate her arm, as her boyfriend Heath had been seriously injured and she needs both her arms to save him.

The Walkiing Dead #120 (Cover)

All Out War is certainly beginning to live up to its name. The pace of this issue never lets up for a moment, with explosions going off all around them, Rick and his people have to quickly regroup and plan a counter attack. Jesus is soon right in the think of the action, instinctively doing whatever it takes to fight back. Meanwhile, outside the walls of Alexandria, the question surrounding Dwight’s allegiance to Rick’s alliance is finally answered.

Charlie Adlard’s art for this action packed issue is superb, buildings get blown up, horrific injuries are suffered, and things take a dramatic twist when another major character is wounded. Steafano Gaudiano’s inks also bring added intensity to the carnage.

However, as Negan gloats outside, an unexpected turn of events force the Saviors to retreat, giving Rick and the survivors the chance they need to regroup and get their wounded to safety. In the aftermath of the battle, Rick discovers the hilltop community has a new leader, while outside Negan prepares to turn his retreat into a victory…

The Walking Dead #120 is a really exciting issue, things are not looking good for Rick and the survivors, with Negan and the Saviors ready to press home their advantage, All Out War is really beginning to hit its stride.