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All New X-Men #22

Review by Paul Bowler

Having left Wolverine’s Jean Grey School, the Original X-Men and Kitty Pryde decided to move to Cyclops’s New Xavier School. X-23, the genetic clone of Wolverine, has now joined the team after the teenage X-Men helped her escape from the super-powered son of William Stryker and his group of Purifiers. The Shi’ar, having learned Jean Grey is alive on Earth, return to capture Jean and place her on trial for the actions of Dark Phoenix. The All New X-Men must join forces with the Guardians of the Galaxy in order to Jean from intergalactic justice.

The Trial of Jean Grey gets off to an exciting start as the Shi’ar sets out to capture Jean Grey and put her on trial again. All New X-Men #22 has some great moments for the Original X-Men as they settle into everyday life at the New Xavier School, followed by some explosive action when the Shi’ar attacks. This crossover event between the All New X-Men and the Guardians of the Galaxy looks very promising, and is sure to test the young mutants to the limit.

All New X-Men #22 (Cover)

While the rest of the X-Men seem to be adapting well to being at the New Xavier School, tensions are still running high between Jean and Scott, which leads to a brilliant scene where the two of them argue in the cafeteria while Angel is trying to eat his lunch. Brian Michael Bendis pitches this scene perfectly, striking just the right balance between the tension and humour, as Scott tries to ask Jean about how she is coping with her knowledge of the future. Its fun to watch Angel react as, just like the reader, he only gets half of the conversation, because some of it takes place telepathically between Jean and Scott after she inadvertently reads Scott’s mind without his permission again.

The rest of the issue features the Shi’ar’s attack on the New Xavier School, which is the big highlight of this issue. Its also great to see Stuart Immonen back on All New X-Men as well, his gift for capturing the characters emotions and ability to deliver epic action sequences are perfectly suited to this title.

All New X-Men #22 provides an exciting start to The Trial of Jean Grey, I feel there is a lot of potential here, and it will be great to see the original X-Men venturing into space with the Guardians of the Galaxy to rescue their team-mates.