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Superior Spiderman #25

Review by Paul Bowler

The hype surrounding the return of Peter Parker has made the build up to Superior Spiderman #25 all the more exciting, with Spidey (Otto Octavius) having wrested control of the Venom symbiote from Flash Thompson, MJ called in the Avengers who soon arrived to deal with the threat posed by the new Superior Venom. While Otto attempts to control the symbiote and fights the Avengers, Flash Thompson must find a way to be rejoined with the symbiote if he is to survive, and as the Hobgoblin’s conflict the Green Goblin escalates, a new Goblin is born.

Dan Slott and Christos Gage keep this action packed issue rattling along at a cracking pace. The Avengers are soon locked in battle with the Superior Venom, with Captain America and even Thor unable to contain the enraged Otto-Venom. It’s a good job the conclusion of Darkest Hours is a giant sized 25th issue of Superior Spiderman, as there is so much plot to cram in, especially with Norman Osborn’s plans also taking shape, Carlie Cooper’s shocking transformation, and the Hobgoblin preparing to strike back against the Green Goblin.

Superior Spiderman #25 (Cover)

Humberto Ramos does a great job of all brining all the big action sequences together. The fight between Superior Venom and the Avengers is full on, with Otto’s strength and intellect proving to be more than a match for them. While Cardiac and Flash recover in hospital, a surprise visitor arrives with a plan to help Corporal Thompson. The general public have also grown tired of Spiderman’s recent actions, it seems that watching him battling against the Avengers is the last straw, and they begin to turn against his robotic spies.

Superior Spiderman #25 builds to an exciting conclusion, as the Hobgoblin’s operatives are faced with a new Goblin, Dan Slott and Christos Gage also throw in a great surprise as the Avengers attempt to free Superior Spiderman from the Venom symbiote – one that is sure to have very significant implications for the future.

This has been one of my favourite issues so far. Now with Otto retuning to his scheming ways, things are set to get even more complicated, especially as suspicions have been roused amongst those closest to him. Although I’m looking forward to Peter Parker’s return in April, I have really enjoyed Superior Spiderman as well. It’s been a great title, and I’m looking forward to what Slott has in store as the Goblin Wars begin!