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The Walking Dead #111

Review by Paul Bowler

Rick takes a small group of his people to meet with Ezekiel at the Kingdom. Together with Carl, Michonne, Andrea, by his side, their first meeting gets off to a shaky start when Michonne clashes with Ezekiel. It is only later in private, after the preparations for their war against Negan and the Saviors are discussed, that Ezekiel drops his pretence and confides in Michonne about his past. Ezeikel was a zookeeper, he saved Shiva the tiger during the Zombie outbreak, and his persona as ruler of the Kingdom is just a role he has adopted.

Back at the Hilltop community Maggie and Brianna share their reservations about Gregory, while Jesus sets off to meet the others at the Kingdom with the reinforcements he’s assembled to help Rick and Ezekiel in the their fight against the Saviours. As everyone at the Kingdom begins to train their troops for the coming battle, Negan decides to collect his next tribute from Alexandria earlier than expected, with shocking consequences…

The Walking Dead #111 (Cover)

The Walking Dead #111 continues to build the suspense as Robert Kirkman steers the opposing factions ever closer to their impending showdown with Negan and the Saviors. It’s good to see all the major cast members playing a part in the training of the troops, and there are some great moments with Michonne as well.

But things suddenly take a dark turn in The Walking Dead #111 as Negan arrives to collect his tribute while Rick is still busy at the Kingdom. Negan is quickly becoming one of Kirkman’s most sinister and deranged characters to date, he seems even more arrogant than usual this issue, and the way he talks to Olivia is particularly loathsome. His moods swing from crass comments and tantrums one moment to brutal violence the next, its chilling to behold, and it makes him dangerously unpredictable as his twisted sense of morality claims yet another victim.

The art by Charlie Adlard is as exceptional as ever, with lots of cast members appearing, as Rick and Ezekiel make their battle plans. But it is in the closing moments were Adlard’s art really shines, where Negan lashes out, and the gore begins to splatter across the page. What initially seemed like another slow burning issue suddenly erupts with gut churning violence, the large splash panels capture every horrifying moment, and you will be left reeling by the callous gleam of pleasure that sparkles in Negan’s eyes.

The Walking Dead #111 is another great issue that sees various storylines coming together, with some good character development thrown in for good measure, and it has a blood soaked ending that is guaranteed to shock.