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The Walking Dead #110

Review by Paul Bowler

The Walking Dead #110 (Cover)

Jesus arrives back at the Hilltop community in a bid to recruit people for the imminent battle with Negan and the Savours. Their leader, Gregory, is weary of the plan, but Maggie and guardsman Kal are the first to pledge their allegiance. As support begins to grow Jesus discovers that Kal has left the Hilltop. Fearing that Kal is going to betray them all, Jesus goes after him before he can reach the Saviors camp and reveal their plans.

The Walking Dead #110 sees Jesus in a desperate race against time to stop Kal from talking to the Saviors. Fortunately for everyone Jesus manages to catch up with Kal at the crossroads just as the Saviors arrive. He stops him talking to them, managing to defuse the situation, but takes a beating from one of Negan’s men in the process for wasting their time.

After addressing some of Eugene’s concerns about using the ammunition he’s making in the war against the Savoirs, the time has come for Rick to introduce his friends to Ezekiel. Rick gathers a small team together, including Carl, Michonne, and Andrea, to visit the Kingdom. The initial meeting between Ezekiel and Michonne ends with Shiva the tiger snarling angrily at her. A clash of swords with Ezekiel seems to break the ice between them, and later after dinner, the would be samurai and king seem to have a lot more in common than either of them first realized.

The Walking Dead #110 (Preview 1)

The Walking Dead #110 is another character driven  piece by Robert Kirkman. I really like how Kirkman has taken time to develop so many new characters, especially King Ezekiel. The scenes between Ezekiel and Michonne are the real highlight this issues. In some ways they are like polar opposites of one another, later we learn how the ruler of the Kingdom was a zookeeper and discover how he saved Shiva the tiger. This touching story adds a further layer to Ezekiel’s character, we see him in a very different light, and as a consequence of this we also see another side to Michonne. Ezekiel’s observation, that the world they now inhabit has forced them both to assume roles that neither of them are really comfortable with, is a moment which lets us see behind the facade of both characters.

The art by Charlie Adlard is as good as ever. With the cast seeming to grow every issue, I think its great how Charlie Adlard continues to make every character stand out; each one is clearly distinguishable from the other – even the minor players. While some might bemoan the lack of Walkers over the last few issues, I think it’s a good idea to get to know the ensemble cast. I’m sure the war with Negan and Saviors will lead to much bloodshed, with no quarter given and none taken as Rick and his new alliance strikes back as Negan.

The Walking Dead #110 may be comparatively light on action but Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard continue to keep us on the edge of our seats as the tension builds. Its issues like this that makes The Walking Dead such an engrossing book to read, you really get to care about the characters, and the ever-present threat of the Walkers is always lurking in the background. Now that the stage is set, the success of Rick’s alliance with Ezekiel now depends on Dwight’s loyalty to their cause. The stakes have never been higher for Rick and his friends, soon the war will begin, and only the strongest will survive.