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All New X-Men #10

Review by Paul Bowler

 All New X-Men #10 (Cover)

Now that the shape shifting mutant know as Mystique has got Lady Mastermind to join forces with her and Sabertooth, they attack an armoured truck which is about to be used to transfer 18 million dollars in North Carolina. Mystique uses her abilities to take the place of the driver, while Lady Mastermind creates the illusion that Wolverine and the Original X-Men are attacking the truck, leaving Sabertooth free to cut a swathe through the security. Satisfied that their first haul has gone so well, Mystique and her team make plans for more robberies.

Meanwhile the Uncanny X-Men have teleported onto the front lawn of The Jean Grey School of Higher Learning. The modern-day Cyclops tells the X-Men that he has come in peace, revealing how he is building a new school in Xavier’s name, before offering to accept any Mutants who wish to be recruited and trained as part of his mutant revolution.  An uneasy standoff ensues, old friends now stand divided, and the original X-Men are caught in the middle.

All New X-Men #10 (Preview)

After the Uncanny X-Men have teleported away to give the student’s time to consider Scott Summers proposition, Wolverine, Kitty, Storm, Iceman and the Original X-Men gather in the school to discuss their options. They receive a call from Maria Hill telling them about Mystique’s attack on The Raft, warning them that Regan Wyngarde is now free, and working with Mystique and Sabertooth to carry out a bank robbing spree.

Outside the young Scott Summers is waiting on the lawn when Cyclops and the Uncanny X-Men return. He confronts them as the others rush to join him outside the school, but Cyclops is not prepared to listen to his younger self. No one is really surprised when Celeste, “Mindee“, and Phoebe Cuckoo decide to join the Uncanny X-Men, but everyone is shocked by the next person who steps forwards and volunteers to join Cyclops and his mutant revolution…

All New X-Men #10 is another spectacular character driven piece by Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen. With this issue Bendis really gets to the core issues that surround Scott Summers mutant revolution, delving deep into the morality of his actions, while allowing him to finally make his case to his fellow Mutants in person.

All New X-Men #10 (Preview 2)

Its interesting how the Beast is held to task for his actions by Cyclops, forcing him to justify his reasons for potentially damaging the space time continuum by allowing the Original X-Men to remain in the present. The young Scott Summers also confronts Beast, saying that he believes he misled them about his reasons for brining them to the future.

Stuart Immonen’s art on All New X-Men #10 is just phenomenal, every page is bursting with detail, and he perfectly captures every nuance of Bendis’ highly emotive story as tensions threaten to boil over between the two teams. All New X-Men continues to remain one of the best X-Titles around, with great storytelling and art, it doesn’t get much better than this.