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New Dr Who Christmas Special 2012 Poster & Snowmen Image

After treating us to a trailer and mini prequel for the Dr Who Christmas Special during the Children in Need Appeal, the BBC has also just released a stunning “movie style” poster for this years Christmas Special. So far every episode of Season 7 has been given one of these fantastic promotional images, it nice to see the trend continuing as we get ready for the Time Lords new festive adventure.

The movie poster features The Doctor (Matt Smith) and his new companion, Clara (Jenna Louise Coleman), while a separate image gives us a close up look at the sinister Snowmen who we caught a brief glimpse of in the Children in Need trailer. If the prequel is anything to go by it would seem that the Doctor is acting very much like Scrooge, having become something of a heartbroken recluse after loosing Amy and Rory to the Weeping Angels. So when the world is threatened again this Christmas it falls to new companion Clara to get the Time Lord take up the fight and save the day.

This Christmas Special also sees the return of fan favourites Madame Vastra (Neve Mclntosh) and Jenny (Catrin Stewart), along with Dan Starkey as Strax. As well as the Snowmen the Doctor and Clara will have to defeat the villainous Doctor Simeon – played by Richard E Grant. The Snowmen looks set to be the most exciting Dr Who Christmas Special yet, and will be all the more special because it will be the 11th Doctor’s first full adventure alongside his new travelling companion. Time to start counting down the days to Christmas!