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The Walking Dead #104

Review by Paul Bowler

After being left with no choice but to cooperate with Negan and the Saviors, the people of Alexandria watch helplessly as Rick allows their supplies to be plundered. As Negan and his men leave Rick’s friends begin to question his decision, unaware that he is secretly trying to buy them all some time so Jesus can follow Dwight and find out where  the Saviors are based. He turns on them angrily, telling them they are welcome to take their chances outside the walls of Alexandria if they don’t agree with him. After ordering everyone to help replenish the settlements supplies so they can be ready to make their next tribute to Negan, Rick returns home to talk to Carl but finds that his son is missing.

Rick and his friends have never seemed so vulnerable and divided

Dwight’s friends find him as he nears the Saviors base, informing him that he has been followed. They capture Jesus and drive back to The Tower, a huge industrial complex surrounded by chained and mutilated Walkers. As they enter the complex Jesus manages to get free from his bonds and escapes. Negan’s convy arrives soon after, but as they begin to unload their spoils from Alexandria, they find they have a young stowaway on board – Carl Grimes!

Armed with an assault rifle, Carl opens fire, determined to kill Negan and make him pay for what he has done to his friends. Carl kills several of Negan’s men, but the weapon is too powerful for him to control. He drops the rifle and Dwight quickly overpowers the boy as Negan gloats over his latest victory.

The Walking Dead #104 hardly gives the reader a chance to catch their breath as this issue races along towards its thrilling conclusion. Robert Kirkman continues to pile on the pressure as Rick Grimes leadership at Alexandria begins to crumble. We also get to see Jesus in action, before being captures and taken to The Tower. He manages to escape, just as Carl Grimes leaps from a truck and goes on a killing spree. We can only hope that Jesus is watching from the shadows, and will somehow be able to help Carl escape from Negan’s clutches.

Carl is determined to make Negan pay for what he has done to his friends

The approach to The Tower is another showcase for Charlie Adlard’s art as the derelict building is surrounded by Walkers: chained up, impaled on spikes, or horribly dismembered. These striking images are what make The Waking Dead such an intoxicating vision of the Zombie Apocalypse, and it never ceases to amaze me how Adlard continually finds new ways to utilize these decaying monsters.

The Walking Dead #104 is packed with action set-pieces. Rick and his friends have never seemed so vulnerable and divided as they are right now, and the cliffhanger ending is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat!