Sci-Fi Jubilee Has Bee Nominated

For A Wonderful Team Member Appreciation Award!

In the space of only two weeks I’m very happy to tell you that my Blog: Sci-Fi Jubilee has been nominated for another Blog Award!

I’d like to say thank you to Tom Lucas & his Blog   Read Tom Lucas http://readtomlucas.com/2012/10/25/sweet-sweet-lemonade/ for awarding me this Wonderful Team Member Appreciation Award. I’m so thrilled to get this award! Also be sure to check out Tom’s Blog as well everyone. Read Tom Lucas

This award has some rules I must follow:

1. The Nominee of the Wonderful Team member Readership Award will display the logo on his/her post/page and/or sidebar.

2. Over a period of 7 days (1 week), the Nominee shall nominate a number of readers that he or she appreciates – this can be done at any rate during the week. It can be all on one day or a few on one day and a few on another day, as most convenient to the Nominee.

3. The Nominee shall name his or her Wonderful Team Member Readership Award nominees on a post or on posts during the 7 day (1 week) period.

Here are the questions for me & the Blogs that  I nominate.

1) Why do you blog?

My Blog started out as just a hobby, but in a short space of time it has become something I really enjoy doing. I love writing and getting feedback from my readers. I have a lot of fun putting the articles together, and look forward to thinking up new ideas all the time.

2) If you were trapped on a desert island, what book, DVD, food, cartoon character, and childhood game would you bring?

Well the book I would like to take is The Lord of the Rings (Would like to have the whole Trilogy with me if I could, but if it had to be just one book then The Fellowship of the Ring is my favourite). The DVD would be Alien, I always enjoy watching that film so much. I am a big fan of cartoons and my favourite character has always been The Road Runner. As for a game, well the one I liked best for as long as I can remember is Cludo. So I guess I my answer really should be: The Alien murdered the Road Runner on the Desert Island with the one ring to rule them all!

3) Share a funny joke or one-liner.

Best one-liner in a superhero movie ever: We have a Hulk!

4) What is your favorite thing about yourself?

Everything of course! LOL

5) What one word best describes you?

Daydreamer… Sorry, what did you say?

6) If you could have a lifetime supply of any candy/candy bar, what would it be?

Mars bars! Nom Nom Nom

7) What fictional character do you relate to most?

Spiderman / Peter Parker

8) If you were to write the story of your life, what would you call it?

Are We There Yet?

Now for my nominations. I follow a lot of blogs on WordPress & Twitter, hope you all enjoy the Blogs I nominate. Be sure to check them out. Cheers everyone!

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