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New Doctor Who Season 7 Trailer Revealed!

The stunning promotional picture for Asyum of the Daleks!

A spectacular new trailer for the Seventh Season of Doctor Who aired in the UK this morning at 6.00am! Fans have been eagerly waiting for another glimpse of what the new season of Doctor Who would have in store for the Doctor, Amy, and Rory. Now at last we can finally get a really good look at some of the exciting episodes coming up – particularly Asylum of the Daleks!

The trailer opens with the TARDIS flying through space and then cuts to Rory asking: “How much trouble are we in?” as the scene shifts to the Doctor and his companions seemingly trapped by an army of Daleks! The Doctor turns to his greatest enemies and exclaims: “You got me, what are you waiting for? At long last, here I am!”

We are then treated to a montage of different scenes from future episodes: Dinosaurs go on the rampage in a spaceship, some very cross robots berate the Doctor, the TARDIS crew go walkabout in New York, and Weeping Angels of all shapes and sizes lurk in the shadows!

The Doctor and Amy argue and she says: “This is what happens when you travel alone for too long!”  before they appear on a platform surrounded by Daleks, with Amy shrugging her shoulders as the Doctor tells them not to be scared, Amy turns to him and says: “Who’s scared? GERONIMO!!” and they all plummet through a tunnel of light towards a planet! The action then shifts at a blistering rate: with some explosive sequences in the Wild West, the Doctor being chased by Pterodactyls, intercut with a brief glimpse of River Song, exploding Daleks, and the Doctor and his friends riding a Triceratops!

As the trailer comes to an end we see Rory surrounded by dead Daleks, he turns to ask the Doctor: “Who killed all the Daleks?” and is shocked to see the Doctor carrying Amy’s body.

“Who do you think?” the Doctor says solemnly.

This brilliant new trailer heralds what will be the last days of the Ponds’ adventures with the Doctor in the TARDIS! Soon Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) will be leaving Matt Smith’s Doctor after a heartbreaking showdown with the Weeping Angels, but the Doctor will soon be joined by his new companion played by Jenna Louise Coleman in the Christmas episode, before the series continues again next year and builds towards Dr Who’s 50th Anniversary! Season Seven will have Fourteen epic blockbuster movie episodes that are sure to be some of the most exciting yet!

The clips from Asylum of the Daleks look amazing, the little cherub “Angel” was really creepy, there were some brilliant Dinosaur effects, and the sight of seeing the Doctor carrying Amy at the end leaves us all on the edge of our seats! I was thrilled by this new trailer, it is one of the best I’ve ever seen for Doctor Who, and I can’t wait for the new season to start!

Follow the link below to the official BBC Website to see the new Season Seven trailer and download new wallpapers!


And here is a link to trailer on YouTube


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