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 New Dr Who Episode Title Revealed as Asylum of the Daleks

Matt Smith & Karen Gillan With a 60’s Style Dalek

This week the title of the new series’ opening episode was revealed as Asylum of the Daleks.

It was confirmed in March that the Daleks would be returning for Doctor Who’s 7th Season, Showrunner and Executive Producer Steven Moffat later confirmed that the story would feature every kind of Dalek the Doctor has ever encountered – including the Special Weapons Dalek! Doctor Who Magazine even released a cover that featured every Dalek to celebrate the news!

Asylum of the Daleks will provide a fantastic start to the new series. The episodes title throws up a number of possibilities as to what the episode might be about, could this be another deadly trap for the Doctor, a prison for renegade Daleks, or prehaps a Dalek time travel experiment that has gone disastrously wrong? One things for certain, we can expect plenty of spectacular Dalek action in this episode!

Executive Producer Caro Skinner haven’t given too much away but she has hinted, ‘This is an epic Dalek adventure that kicks off the new series in explosive style! If you think you know all there is to know about the Daleks, think again…’

I can’t wait to see the Daleks back in action, and this episode sounds like it could be one of the best Dalek episodes yet!